Forms, Links, and Info

Operations Protocol

Please remember to follow the OPERATIONS PROTOCOL throughout the school year. This allows for a more organized flow of information which creates a seamless venue for creating any paperwork, i.e. grievance, complaint, Unfair Labor Practice (ULP), arbitration, etc.

Skipping a step may push the entire process back to the level missed, creating time concerns. PLEASE follow the process as outlined. For more information, please contact your building rep.

Unpaid Leave

Anyone going on an unpaid leave 30 days or longer will have the balance of their REA dues deducted. Anyone going on a paid leave will have the balance of their dues deducted during the course of their paid leave, to be divided in equal installments.

Anyone going on an unpaid leave longer than 60 days due to health issues should contact the REA office to find out if they are eligible for reduced dues.

Insurance Tips

When going to Urgent care, ask if they are also a PCP (Primary Care Provider). If they are, ask them to code the visit as a PCP visit.

OT/Speech Services
  • If a child is under 3 Early Intervention provides these services, you would need to get in contact with the IU in your area.
  • If a child is over 3 the IU provides these services.
  • Easter Seals also provides speech/OT services above and beyond our plan coverage.
  • If a child is disabled and has Medicare, Medicare covers all of these visits.
Prescription Drugs

If the costs of your prescription has gone up, either due to a TIER change or Generic/Non-Generic issue, the following are costs savings measures you can take.

  • Ask the doctor if they have any samples.
  • Ask the doctor if they have any coupons.
  • Check the prescription’s website, there are often coupons there.
  • If you belong to Sam’s Club, they have prescription savings, consider filling your prescription there.

If you have any other Tips or Suggestions, please email so they may be added.